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Yo, my LJ account liiiiiives!!  This is a placeholder post because I logged in and saw that my last update was from 2.5 years ago.  Wowee, guys.  Someday I'll come back to you, LJ.  But until then, find me at for snooty bookworm things.

Guys, this entire episode made me put my head into my sweatshirt like a turtle.

Things I liked:

1.  Vampire Dean made me drool.  I mean, my lord.  This cannot be overstated.  My eyes had a party. And putting his boot on the head of that vamp?  *le sigh* ... Basically, I enjoyed all scenes with him, except for Lisa.

2.  Getting out of the shallow end of the pool ... I thought the vampire vision thingy was actually very well edited. Random thought is random.

3.  I'm glad Dean realized that Sam had watched him get turned. And SMIRKED. As multiple people phrased it over at ONTD's party: "THE JIG IS UP!"
... Indeed. No more jigs.

4.  That Dean is clearly going to a) seek help in the matter of Sam and b) take care of this shady business.

5.  I hate Twilight so much that even the parody pained me. But clever.

6.  "Mmmm-Bop your way outta here"

7.  Grandpa Samuel isn't as evil as I've been thinking. Even he was surprised at Sam's depravity. OK.

Things I disliked:

1.  SAM SAM SAM SAM SAM -- WHAT IN THE WHAT IS THE WHAT.  My educated guess is that he sold his soul to get out of hell.  And that this is connected to the Alpha-hunting.  But I really have no idea.  I don't think he's still Lucifer.  But hey, I watched "Buffy" and I know what "soulless" looks like!  

2.  Dean's domestic violence incident.  :(  x 1000.  I will sincerely cling to the hope that he can return to Lisa and Ben at the end of this season.  I knew that situation was going to break my heart.

I need this next episode to explain things.  Dean's lost his trust in Sam (newsflash!), scared the bejeebus out of Lisa & Ben, and thank goodness he still has Bobby & Castiel -- both of whom come to his aid next episode, it seems. 

Brain is still trying not to fall out.
I'll keep this short.

1) BOBBY IS AWESOME (but we already knew that.)

1a) I love that he chewed out Sam & Dean ("I have to listen to each of you bitch about the other!" ... Sam gives Dean a look, LOL)

1b) ... Did anyone else think it was weird that Sam & Dean were in, oh I dunno, Ireland? Like, when has Show EVER done international? 0_0

2) I CANNOT STOP FLAILING FROM SEEING NEXT WEEK'S PROMO -- brain is making this noise: *fweeeeeeeee*

... Thing that I am nervous about = Dean/Lisa angsting as a result of next week's action. DO NOT WANT. :/
09 25 10 - SPN: 6x01

My favorite thing about this episode was the opening montage.  Was I dismayed at the lack of AC/DC? Yes. Was I wondering why the recap wasn't longer? Yes. BUT!  The contrast between Dean's past and present, accompanied by Bob Seger's "Beautiful Loser" was so touching.  I flailed. I really did.

Moment I will wait for: when Dean has to drive the Impala again and runs to the (Batmobile) and flings off that fugly tarp.

Things I thought were weird:

1.  At first I liked that Dean was just kinda like "what." at Sam's return but then it just stayed lukewarm, not suspicious or angry or sad really, just "oh hey ... btw, you should've texted."

2.  Um, hi random insertion of dead characters. Boo.

3.  Um, hi random djinn.  BUT! BUT! HOMG! Because last episode with a djinn, Dean was hunting and had a "nightmare" about suburbia fantasyland (mowing the lawn, anyone?) interfering with a hunt and THIS TIME, Dean's really in suburbia ("how do you keep your grass so green") and the "nightmare" is about hunting interfering with it!!  *mind spins*

4.  Sam was so OOC, although nowadays I'm not sure what that really means.


6.  I really want Dean to stay with Lisa & Ben, and I was surprised he decided to at the end (even though we alllll know it's not going to stay that way, not if Sam has anything to do with it, goddamn you).  It's just so tragic.  Maybe at the end of this season he can come back to them.  

7.  So, let me get this straight.  Impala saves the world in the S5 finale by connecting with Sam, and now Sam shoots down Dean's generous offer to give him the car?  For some reason, I just thought that was off ... not that his Charger is bad or anything, but ... the Impala SAVED YOUUUU!!  It's your HOOOOOOOME!!  Ugh.

Bottom line:  I totally totally totally am a sucker for Dean/Lisa + Ben and it will break my heart into little itty bitty pieces when they must part ways again.  Hopefully not permanently. 
The title of this post has no relevance to the topic.  I have not recently consumed a cheeseburger.  Disclaimer aside, I'm leaning towards dipping a toe into the waters of "True Blood".  As in, I really really reeeeeeally want to start something there but GOSH DANG I'm in the middle of this "Supernatural" fic right now that can branch off in any of 198237418973 directions but can definitely NOT stop where it's currently at.  Turns out the original storyline I laid out got fucked over because I decided that, well, I kinda liked how Sam/Ruby wrote themselves ... and now I have no idea how to re-introduce Dean or where to go once I do.  Poop.  I'm so tired of discarded cliche ideas that I'm verge going total AU.   I don't know what exactly that might mean, but I guarantee it'll be strange.

Anyway, I really want to wrap that up in the next two months so I can get going on some True Blood stuff once they end Season 3. Whee!
So I finally finally finally checked out True Blood and to my (great, ecstatic, squeeing) relief, found it more like Buffy for Adults than Twilight: Electric Boogaloo.

I will make two pointed criticisms:
1. Sookie is extremely annoying, and I liked Buffy/Angel a lot more.
2. The script is terrible (Joss Whedon, o how I pine for thy wit)

Thusly intrigued, I consulted the internet in hopes that the fanfiction, as usual, would yield a couple of well-written gems.


I don't know how this is possible, but there seems to be a giant void of decent True Blood fic. At least, the stuff I've found is way cheesy and actually might have even worse dialogue than the show. Maybe I need to dig a little a deeper, but the Wiki site is woefully unsatisfactory and LJ communities are for the most part stuck in last year. Geez ... That's depressing.
06 01 10(no subject)
Had a MAJOR plot bunny attack involving half the vibe from "Bug" and an article about ticks I read on Wikipedia an hour ago ... and then was petrified I'd forget it in the morning, so I just got back up out of bed, turned on the light, banged out two pages in under fifteen minutes and now I may sleep peacefully. Yes, I will be mighty tired for work tomorrow but at least I have two creepy-ass pages of horror.  
Random housekeeping post for my own sanity.  Let the hellatus begin.  Lagging behind on Blood Knot, which got Kripke'd to death, surprise surprise ... resolved to finish and then post because I have no timetable illusions.  In other news, looking forward to Big Bang challenge reads starting in June, esp w/ thehighwaywoman  moderating this year, should be good stuff.   May 2010  spnkink_meme tagged for "Tough Love", "Of Intimate Apparel", and "Assurance" ... probably not pinch-hitting tonight, ugh too hot.  As for the rest of the summer? There are bookmarks to anon prompts dating back to like August of last year.  That is all.   
05 20 10 - SPN: S6
From the CW upfronts press release thingamajig and then all of fandom:

SUPERNATURAL: Season six will be a season of mystery and shadow. Heaven and Hell have been left in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of season five. And now, monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape. And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life – pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell. The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn’t what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems.


Who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return  ... OMG.

Jesus, just when I was starting to retain coherent thoughts regarding the season finale, my brain melts back into mush. So fragile.

I will edit this post later, when the neurons in my brain recover from my spasms and stop misfiring. Seriously ... 0_0 !!!!!


Is Sam a spirit? He made the light flicker.

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